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Omaxe Properties: Where To Invest, Now!
June 28, 2019
Modern Amenities in Residential Real Estate Projects
June 28, 2019

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Actual View

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In case you have just discovered my write-up while searching for “Lucknow”, “real estate in Lucknow” or similar keywords, then you should read on. I am sharing with you some interesting experience I have had in the city. I am also going to update you on real estate development with Omaxe Ltd in focus. Omaxe (I assume you want to invest or buy a house in Lucknow) is India’s leading real estate group. Without exaggerating, I must say that Omaxe is a synonym for real estate in the city. We come to that later. First, the city!

We know Uttar Pradesh is India’s heartland. A big state and a melting-pot of cultures. Spirituality, customs, wisdom, traditions, these words sketch a picture of the state. But UP, as it’s popularly known, has transcended the boundaries. Lucknow, the capital city, is not a city of the past, it’s also the epicenter of growth in the region. Roads, railways, flyovers and Metro trains – the modern infrastructure is in place. With this setup, it’s serious business ambience here. As you rightly guessed, the real estate is a natural progression with demand for more working space and for housing to accommodate the young working population.

I visited the city twice this year with an intent to explore the modern city. History is not my domain nor an interest. Yet, the exposure to city-life left me thinking. More than archeological sites, the people attracted my admiration. They were so cheerful, soft-spoken and friendly. The food, of course if I state, I will simply be adding a few sentences more to the testimonials that people have left on the Web. The thought leaves me craving for something spicy. Leave it! Let’s talk business!

In Lucknow’s real estate, Omaxe is a leading name. There are several sites where property development is taking places and is under different phases of construction. The popular projects are Omaxe City, Omaxe Heights, World of Omaxe (also called Omaxe World) and Omaxe Metro City.

If you are on in Lucknow, try to visit one of these sites to have a feel of the quality of construction and also the magnitude involved in terms of size of developing property. Over the years, Omaxe has developed itself as a brand that offers quality construction and modern structures. Omaxe properties have amenities that match or are better than industry standards expected for housing and commercial spaces. Let me tell you about Omaxe World and Omaxe Metro City.

World of Omaxe (Omaxe World)

There are eight brands associated with Omaxe World – Residency-I, Residency-II, Grand Omaxe, The Palace, Waterscapes, Hazratganj Residency, Hazratganj Commercial and Mini Hazratganj. Each of these properties is a grand plan. Enquire Omaxe office in Lucknow for understanding options available at these properties. Residency-II is currently (June, 2019) drawing investors’ attention most.

Omaxe Metro City

Across India, as you must be aware, regions next to the existing settlements or old city are being developed. New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai – the demand for newer urban housing is high. Omaxe Metro City is one such area which is being developed. There is a ring-road which connects this region with Faizabad, Sultanpur, Raebareli, Kanpur, Agra and Sitapur. In Metro City, there are plots, floors, villas, group housings, SCOs, shopping complexes and commercial space. You can explore an investment option of your choice. Three properties, as we talk (June 2019), are a favourite with investors. Celestia Gold, Celestia Grande and Celestia Royale – properties with stilt+3 storey structure. Much is already sold out in earlier constructed parts of this series.

I must add, if you buy a property in Lucknow, you may as well keep a house for yourself too. It is amazing living here, something like it feels in Kolkata or Mumbai. It is a city with a heart, to be precise.

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